Arduino lessons

Lesson 1. Introduction. General information about Arduino.

Lesson 2. Arduino UNO R3 board. Description, characteristics.

Lesson 3. Installing the Arduino IDE software, connecting the board to the computer.

Lesson 4. Programming basics of Arduino in C.

Lesson 5. The first program. I/O control functions. Button and LED.

Lesson 6. Treating button's contacts bounce. Interface of communication between program blocks.

Lesson 7. Classes in C++ language for Arduino. Button as an object.

Lesson 8. Digital filtering of signals in Arduino programs.

Lesson 9. Creating a library for Arduino.

Lesson 10. Timer interrupt in Arduino. MsTimer2 library. Parallel processes.

Lesson 11. Program timers in Arduino. Cycles with different period times from one timer.

Lesson 12. Serial port UART in Arduino. Serial library. Debugging programs on Arduino.

Lesson 13. Analog inputs of the Arduino board. Reading analog signals. Measurement of the average value of the signal.

Lesson 14. EEPROM in Arduino. Data integrity control.

Lesson 15. Pointers in C++ for Arduino. Conversion of different data types to bytes.

Lesson 16. Improving the reliability of programs for Arduino. Watchdog timer.

Lesson 17. Working project Arduino. Security alarm system.

Lesson 18. Connecting a matrix of buttons to Arduino. MatrixKeys library. Function tone ().

Lesson 19. Seven-segment LED displays. Control modes, connection to the microcontroller.

Lesson 20. Connecting a seven-segment LED display to Arduino. A LED display control library.

Lesson 21. Connecting a LED display and a matrix of buttons to Arduino, using common pins. The LedDigitsKeys.h library.

Lesson 22. Work with time in Arduino. A sports stopwatch project.

Lesson 23. Connecting a character LCD display to the Arduino. LiquidCrystal library.

Lesson 24. Connecting analog temperature sensors to Arduino (LM35, TMP35, TMP36, TMP37). The working project of the thermometer.

Lesson 25. Silicon thermal sensors of the KTY81 series in the Ardino system. A project of thermometer-recorder.

Lesson 26. Connecting DS18B20 temperature sensors to the Arduino. OneWire Library. An accurate Arduino thermometer-recorder.

Lesson 27. Thermocouples in the Arduino system. Arduino thermometer-recorder project for high temperatures.

Lesson 28. Unipolar stepper motor in the Arduino system. Stepper library.

Lesson 29. StepMotor - a library for controlling a stepper motor in the Arduino system. TimerOne library.

Lesson 30. Text strings in Arduino. Converting data to strings and vice versa. String class.

Lesson 31. Arduino stepper motor driver with computer control. Communication protocol using AT commands.

Lesson 32. An open-loop stepper motor positioning system.

Lesson 33. Bipolar stepper motor in the Arduino system.

Lesson 34. STEP/DIR stepper motor drivers. Basic concepts. STEP/DIR protocol.

Lesson 35. Connecting STEP/DIR stepper motor drivers to Arduino. The StepDirDriver library.

Lesson 36. Development of a Peltier module controller using Arduino. Switching voltage regulator.

Lesson 37. Pulse width modulation in Arduino.