About the site

My name is Edward (you can Eduard, Ed). I'm from Russia.

By profession I am an electronic engineer, programmer,
by vocation - traveler,
for life - an inquisitive and easily carried away person.

At the end of 2015, I created a site called mypractic.ru, dedicated to electronic developments, programming, technical support of my projects.

Six months later I was carried away by the systems of Aroduino and I began publishing the author's lessons of Arduino on the site. Six months later mypractic.ru became the most popular resource for Arduino in the Russian-language Internet.

For 2 years now, the search engine Yandex on the requests "Arduino lessons", "programming lessons Arduino" places my site to the first place. I receive many letters in which they tell me that my lessons are the best on the Internet. Nice to hear!

I do not copy information, I do not rewrite other people's articles, I write author's lessons.

I have a huge experience in developing electronic devices and programming microcontrollers. And all my articles are based on my practical experience. I may not know something, make mistakes in some way, but everything I publish on the site, I try to check, understand, take it responsibly.

I noticed that my site has a lot of English-speaking visitors. They use the automatic translator translate.google. So I decided to create an English version of the site.

mypractic.com is the English version of mypractic.ru.

Unfortunately, I do not know enough English to translate technical texts from the Russian language. So I will also use translate.google. But I will try, as far as my knowledge, to check the texts, to alter the pictures, to correct the projects. I will try to treat this informally.

In addition to Arduino lessons on the site will be categories:

  • Cathodic protection. I am the chief designer of the company for the development and production of electronic equipment for cathodic protection.
  • Filling equipment. Also I work at the enterprise on manufacture of the equipment for packing of liquid and loose preparations in ampoules.
  • Developments. In the category there are electronic developments.
  • Arduino projects. The same, but based on Arduino.
  • Electronic components. The category in the English version is very doubtful.
  • Smart House. The category has appeared more recently. I do not know how promising it is.

I will be glad to all visitors. I welcome any justified criticisms. I apologize in advance for my bad English.

Sincerely yours, Edward.